Mi Amor

Private Collection. 2018.

Travelling to Spain in the midst of a heat wave inspired artist Maxwell N. Burnstein’s new series on the environmental impacts facing the region. Mi Amor examines the extreme weather created by climate change and it’s impact on urban dwellings.

Rising temperatures and an eroding coastline are making Spain a desert as “Hothouse Earth” stops the planet from rehabilitating. High-risk temperatures and sweeping fires are reshaping the landscape. Spain’s coastline is creeping inland with rising sea levels and stronger currents washing away coastal populations. Mi Amor illustrates what meteorologists describe as the new normal through deconstructing original landscape photography with an x-acto knife.

During Burnstein’s travels thousands mobilized in San Francisco on September 12, 2018 in action of the “Global Climate Change Summit.” Political, business and scientific leaders from around the world gathered to put forward measurable commitments in the wake of a changing environment captured in Mi Amor.

METAL, Spain.