Photograph by Garrett Naccarato

Photograph by Garrett Naccarato


Confronting the rise in digital collage art with traditional analog techniques, Canadian artist Maxwell N. Burnstein’s handmade artworks have prompted international artist residencies to collaborations with leading publications.

Using analog techniques, Burnstein deconstructs photographs into multi- dimensional artworks with an x-acto knife. The final handmade artworks are scanned into digital files to allow for multiple applications.

Central to the production of the source material when possible, Burnstein holds a diploma in Art Direction from Miami Ad School with experience as a producer. Skilled in sourcing copyright free images in the absence of collateral protects clientele while meeting objectives. 

Developing exhibits worldwide, covers for Elle Magazine to Harper’s Bazaar, to collaborations with the CFDA, Burnstein is the foremost collage artist to emerge from Canada’s fashion industry.


"The Canadian artist who conveys the meaning of contemporary fashion" Harper's Bazaar

"We're obsessed with Maxwell Burnstein's work" Fashion Magazine

"The fashion industries latest creative darling" The Globe and Mail


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Toronto, Ontario, Canada